abril 11, 2012


Capítulo del libro colaborativo Vispo#2
Svetlana escribió en IUOMA
Elza and Bonna.
Fairy tale by Svetlana Pesetskaya
It is devoted to my friends
To artists - to men to angels.
1 South Russian biennial
The city of Rostov-on-Don 2010.
Young lady Elza and Bonn have gone from the small town N city on art fair in the spring morning. On the journey they stirred much and had fun in a presentiment of interesting and significant event for them. As characters of maidens didn't differ inertness and to indifference to the world surrounding them with them, and there was that fairy tale filled with joyful both sad impressions and events to which each of them as fiduciary from each other aspired.......

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